4th of a July smallmouth

Hi Folks, Been on the water everyday guiding for the last week and the fishing has been decent. It is finally summer the weather has warmed significantly. Water temperatures have warmed as well. The Lamoille and Winooski are too warm to fish for trout currently. One of the tributary streams I guided Wednesday was 65 at 6am and the water was low and clear. The sun has been intense the last few days and especially in the early morning. We caught juvenile wild rainbows and lost one brown trout on a #12 tungsten stone fly nymph. Most of the rainbows rose to #12-#14 stimulators and Royal Trudes. We worked for fish. We did have a few eats on a dropper #18 olive caddis pupa. I have mainly been in my motorboat or drift boat bass fishing. The bass fishing has been good. The water temperatures in the lakes I fish have been between 73 and 77 degrees. Really has warmed up. The river temperature was 71 degrees while floating. We have been catching both largemouth and smallmouth bass. Mostly smallies in the river. The top water bite has been okay. Lots of casting for a few decent fish. Most of the bass we have been landing have been in 8’ to 15’ of water on 5” Senkos. We did well fishing a rip rap section of a lake yesterday. The smallmouth were holding on the drop off from the big rocks.A fire tiger rapala has worked well on the bass in the early morning as well as a fire tiger spinner bait. Seen numerous bass elevate to eat the stick bait. We had a pike eat a spinnerbait yesterday. Streamers cast on a sinking tip in olive and black have also been productive. Popper fish with the fly has been slow. With the bright sun, finding shade has been important. Fishing is best early and late day presently. Keep your thermometer handy if trout fishing. Leave the fish alone if the water is over 70 degrees. I’m off to to small stream fish. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home Have Fun, Willy