Hi Folks, I have been having a lot of fun teaching people to fly fish lately. We have been small stream and big river fly fishing. Brookies and Browns in the brooks and Smallmouth bass in the big water. Still been pretty warm with some on and off rain and thunderstorms. The small stream I guided this am was 62 degrees. I have registered water temps. between 59 and 63 degrees. Water levels are right around average and the clarity is almost too good. The fish can see you coming and stealth is wise. On the flip side, we have been seeing every trout and bass come to the surface to eat our dry flies and bass bugs. I like seeing fish eat! Fishing often has patterns. Today is warm and muggy with threatening thunderstorms. My opinion is the heavy air turns on surface feeding. We just had 7 wild brown trout come to a dry fly from 15” to 6”. They were all over an #16 tan electric ant pattern. The biggest fish ate a #14 green bodied stimulator. A nice simple hopper pattern. Brook Trout are not overly fussy, but I swear by #10-#16 Royal Trudes and Royal Wulffs. Red and peacock in the fly patterns just works on I find the heavy air prompts smallmouth’s willingness to eat off the top. On the big water the temps. have been from 72 degrees in the am to 76 by late day. The top water bite has been good. Chartreuse, Green, and black bottomed poppers have worked really well. Foam sliders in black have been gobbled up at dark. For bugs, lots and lots of terrestrials. Big green bodied #12-#14 hoppers are abundant. Beetles in every shape, and my favorite, the incredible edible ant!! lots of micro caddis from #18-#20. Still seeing #22-#24 Trico spinners but not many big fish responding. I will continue to chase the 3 Bs until the weather changes. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy