Hi Folks, Still guiding the hard water. Lots of ice still on our lakes. That might change significantly after this up coming weekend and the in coming warm spell. Pay attention the the edges and carry rope and spikes of life. The Yellow Perch fishing has been fantastic.  Catching big Yellow Bellies on jig sticks in shallow water. Perch in the 10” to 14” class. Fire tiger Hali Jigs, Perch colored jigging rapalas, and Yellow with red dot Hali jigs have been consistent. Working the jig slowly has been the most effective method as some of the takes from bigger perch have been extremely subtle. With the perch moving into the shallow bays so do the larger northern pike. Northern are preparing for spawning this time of the year. They like soft bottom bays with emerging weed growth. Great time to catch a trophy Northern Pike. Plus the pike will take advantage of an easy meal from a school of yellow perch occupying the same niche. The pike fishing has really picked up. Locating fish in shallow bays and at the drop offs entering these shallow areas. Setting tip ups with live and dead baits have both worked. Big female northern do not want to work to hard to eat this time of the year. They need to consume calories for spawning yet they also need to do it in a very efficient manner. I have been chumming areas with chopped up dead bait. Really brings the fish to the holes. Nice way to draw a pike into a hole where they can be hooked on jig sticks. Just finished up the inland trout season. The smelt fishing was pretty consistent all season. I like using a green Iight and chumming under the ice to bring in schools of smelt. Locating them in the water column is the trick. Seems they hang closes to the bottom in daylight  hours and then gradually rise in the water column as darkness sets in. Good electronics make this process easier. Everything eats a smelt. Great bait for trout as well as northern pike. Well, guiding for the next several days on the hard water for perch and northern pike. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy