Hi Folks, On the open water guiding once again. I have been lake and river fishing. My clients have been having more success fishing for bass and northern pike than river fishing for trout. It has been extremely warm and dry. Hard to believe that this time of the year we need rain. River levels are below seasonal average. Water temperatures have risen in the last few days with unusually high air temperatures for early May. The Winooski was 61 degrees on Wednesday, the lake we were on yesterday was 60 degrees, and the smaller stream I guided earlier in the week was 57 degrees. We saw a pretty good hatch of #14-#16 Hendricksons on the Winooski. The bugs came off around 3 pm. Lots of cased caddis on rocks. They are showing on the tops of rocks in riffles. Meaning they will be hatching very soon.  We did not see a single fish respond to the emerging mayfly Duns. Nymphing was the method. A #14 flashback pheasant tail nymph. Still with the water temperatures eclipsing 55 degrees the trout in our streams should turn on. I think the big bright sun does not help the trout fishing. Sunny in the morning after a cold night with afternoon clouds is ideal. My feeling is dusk is the time now on a trout stream with the hot sunny days. Spinner falls could prompt rising activity. A #14 Rusty spinner is the pattern. Search big slow pools that hold wild fish for rising activity at dusk. On the still water front, the fishing has been a little more consistent. Water levels are low in our lakes as well.The fish were not necessarily holding right on the banks.We have been locating pike and bass in 5’ to 10’ of water with new emerging weed beds. The bass are in pre-spawn mode now and the northern pike are in post spawn mode. It is a great time of the year to catch a big fish in shallow water! We cast a variety of fly patterns with 7wt to 9wt. Reels were rigged with floating and sinking tips. Articulated fly patterns in white and green with flash produced interest. A #4 articulated Peanut Envy was the most consistent fly. It is a great time of the year to be on the water. Looks a cool down and rain on the way. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy