Hi Folks,

The fly fishing on the Lamoille over the last 5 days has been terrific. Last night was the crowning jewel in getting treated to a hatch and spinner fall of large #8-#10 Brown Drakes. The Lamoille has maintained its temperature between 60 inthe early morning to 65 degrees last night at 10pm when I was dragging the boat up the river bank. Water levels have slowly been going down and the flow right now is perfect for fishing. My guests have done very well catching fish as we have landed well over a 100 trout in last 4 days.  Lot and lots of stocked rainbows. I have been able to put my boat in slow deep pools that are unreachable by a wading angler. We have located pods of stocked trout that are holding around large in steam boulders.  They have been very aggressive and more than willing to chase streamer patterns cast on sinking tip lines. A #8-#10 olive or black wooly bugger has been very consistent. Stripping the fly a bit in short bursts has been effective. We have also been using a #8-#10 leech/crawfish pattern I have been tying with a short barred marabou tail and body of rope yarn that is very fuzzy. Nice profile of a craw daddy under the surface. There have been some wild trout in the mix with several wild browns and nice hard fighting 13-15″ rainbows. Still it shows with the amount of water I have been covering in the drift boat how few and far between the wild trout are in the Lamoille river. Lots of caddis activity in the morning and evening.For mayflies there are #14 rustry spinner at dusk, #8-#10 Brown Drakes, and some #14-#16 sulphurs. The Drake hatch only last for a few days. Get out there and take advantage because it brings to the surface the true large wild fish in the Lamoille. Plus its just a giant bug and fun to watch hatch! Off to chase trout this morning. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.

Have Fun, Willy