Hi Folks, It has been up and down with the fishing over the last few days. Several rainy days have brought our river levels right back up and made the water off colored water. It forced me to guide on trib streams over the weekend and I got back on the Lamoille early and late on Monday. Water temperatures have stayed suppressed. The rain combined with cool nights have been great for keeping water temperatures in the high fifties on the small water to low sixties on the Lamoille. The Lamoille was a bit tinged or off colored Monday. The small stream fishing with dry flies was excellent. #12-#16 parachute patterns tied with sparkle dub bodies worked well. Landed several nice sized Brook trout as well a couple wild browns over 12”. Fun fly fishing with 3wt rods. In one hole we landed the cycle, a bow, Brookie, and a Brown. The Lamoille was somewhat slow on Monday. We worked for fish and there was very little bug activity. The fish we did catch were nice wild bows. The best was a scrappy 13” wild bow that crushed a #14 green bodied stimulator. Every other fish in the morning and evening came to a streamer fished off a sink tip. Last night was spectacular as I took the boat to a Northeast kingdom lake to fish the #4-#8 Hexagenia Limbata hatch. The surface temp. was 64 degrees. Perfect for the end of June. Saw some of the big bugs and a few trout rising. Missed one really good take on a #6 emerging Hex pattern. We caught several yellow perch working nymphs off sinking tips back to the boat. It appears the Hex hatch is just getting going in earnest. It is worth spending time fishing, just crazy hours. I am guiding trout the rest of the week. The weather looks a bit unstable. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy

wild tributary brown