Hi Folks,

The trout fishing on the Lamoille the last 3 days has been stellar! I have floating my drift boat with guests in several different sections and the fly fishing has been very consistent. Water levels are still slightly above seasonal average flow but the temperatures are prefect. 60 to 63 degrees is outstanding and the trout seem to be extremely active. We have caught trout using a variety of methods from dry fly fishing to nymphing to employing sinking tip lines with streamers. The streamer fishing yesterday was outstanding. We had well over 40 trout eat either a #10 Black wooly bugger or an olive Whitlock sculpin variation. The fish were chasing down the flies. The nice thing from the drift boat is being able to see the takes. We could watch fish emerge from large boulder and downed wood to eat the flies. There have been rising fish daily. Mostly eating emerging #14 light green bodied caddis, #12-#14 spinners, and #14 Sulphurs. We have been nymphing with a #12 red thread prince nymph and a #16 ice caddis. Most of the takes have been on the caddis pattern. For the most part with the cooler water temperatures the trout have been holding in slower deep pools. The fishing has been best early and late in the day. I am off to row again today. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home.

Have fun,