Hi Folks, Been staying out of trouble guiding smallmouth bass and brook trout. It is summer fishing conditions. The river smallmouth fishing has been solid. I have been wading for bass and floating the drift boat. The drift boat water has been warm and just below the seasonal average flow. Water temperature has varied from 72 degrees at 6am to 76 degrees by 1pm. Hot bright days have warmed the river temps. Luckily cool nights have helped to manage the temps. somewhat. The top water bite for smallmouth has been the first few hours of light and dusk. My #6 foam chartreuse tickler has been consistent. The fish of the week was a solid 19” smallmouth landed on a 6wt. swinging a #6 olive bunny fur rubber legged mess I tie. It creates the illusion of a craw daddy. Most of the fish we saw were in big primary pools and holding in slower sections. On the other bass river I have guided the water has been a wee bit cooler. 68 to 73 degrees and gin clear. #8-#14 orange, tan, and green bodied foam terrestrial patterns have been dynamite. Dead drifted and twitched have generated strikes. Smallmouth and Fall Fish have been all over the surface flies. I guided beginner fly anglers on the Lamoille in the very early morning earlier in the week and the river was 67 degrees at 5:30am. We left by 10am and the water was reaching 70 degrees. My guests landed 7 stocked bows drifting a #12 psycho prince and a #14 red threaded prince nymph. Lots of #18-#20 micro caddis hatching. A #18 tan bodied caddis pupa got some love being swung in riffles. Small stream brookie fishing has been great! The river levels are perfect for reading where the trout are holding. Big bushy dry flies like #12-#14 Royal Trudes, Royal Wulffs, #12 green bodied Stimulators have all worked. Well lots of fishing options and the weather has been nice. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy