Hi Folks, I’ve been chasing the warm water species with my guests this week. Lots of hard fighting smallmouth bass on the end of the line. I did make a visit to wild trout trout stream earlier in the week that maintains temperature even on the hottest of days. Water 61 degrees and very clear. Not much for hatching bugs though there were tons of #18-#20 tan caddis in the willows and alders along the bank. We blind fished holding water with a #18 rubber legged ant with a #18 tan caddis pupa dropper. We had fish eat both flies. The bigger trout came on the dropper pattern. With the warm summer air temperatures the river smallmouth bass fishing has been steady. I’ve been finding water temps. from 70 to 75 degrees. Water levels have been right around the seasonal average flow with brief interruptions in levels with passing thunderstorms. I find smallmouth fishing is quite good when the air is heavy with humidity and the water temps hold just above the 70 degree mark. My guests have been catching bass with a variety of methods. On the fly, #10-#12 foam terrestrial patterns, #6 Chartruese Tickler, and dead drifted #8 Girdle Bug under an indicator have all worked. The top water bite has been best very early in the day and at dusk. I guided in wet weather Wednesday with spin fishing guests and we really caught some fish. A jointed floating perch rapala accounted for numerous surface bites. A 3” baby bass Senko was incredibly effective. Low light and perfect temps made for a good set up. We have caught a few stocked rainbows while bass fishing. They come up and eat the foam hoppers. All of our fish are coming from big primary pools. Especially holes with lots of rock and wood. The smallie fishing should stay consistent. I’m off to run my boat. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy