Hi Folks, I have been fly fishing the upper CT over the past weekend and guiding in between. It is really beginning to look and feel like fall. We have been experiencing cool night with air temps. dropping into the high thirties and we are starting to see changing color in the hill side. The water is pretty low right now and we could use some rain. Luckily with the cool nights the water temps. have cooled off. The Lamoille yesterday morning was 61 degrees and warmed to 64 by mid afternoon. Still lots of bug activity. Really good hatch of #16-#18 cinnamon caddis yesterday that had trout rising steadily to the surface all afternoon. It was a bright sunny day and we focused on heavier water and pocket water. We had several trout hammer a #10 big orange stimulator. As the sun got a little lower in the sky we found a big primary pool that had numerous trout coming out of the water while eating. It appeared they were eating emerging caddis that were stuck in the surface film. We cast a #16 x-caddis had 7 trout eat the dry. Yesterday on the Lamoille the trout were a bit more finicky eating off the surface and as they were tuned into a nice hatch of #14 Light Cahills. We cast an emerging mayfly pattern. Lawson’s crippled/hatching dun in a size #14/#16. All of the fish we have found rising have been in slow greasy water. The trout have a PhD in studying your drift in these water types. Good accurate casts and short and sweet drifts are required. The Lamoille has fished well over the past 3 weeks. I have been on the river almost daily with the exception of this last weekend. Look for #12 Idonychia, #14 green caddis, #16-#18 cinnamon caddis, # 18-#20 Baetis (cloudy days) and #14-#16 light Cahill, #20 Sulphurs, and lots of terrestrials. My trip to the upper CT lakes was great fun. We fished the river in between the lakes. Lots and lots of fish. Very much ying/yang fly fishing. We would catch fish on big surface patterns like a #8 rubber legged stimulator in orange and then nymph with a #20 zebra midge and catch the same sized fish. Orange seemed to be the triggering color on the dry fly. A fun fishery with rugged water to wade. I’m off to guidetge Winooski today. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy