Hi Folks, It has been awhile. I have been keeping busy. Major email problems and Google issues. I was hacked and have had my Google account closed. Oh well, my phone still works and I am adept at reading smoke signals. The river trout fishing the last 2 weeks has slowed down. Lots of rain and much cooler water temperatures. The rivers I have been guiding have been ranged from 47 degrees to 51 degrees. Lots of debris in the water from all of the dropping leaves. Stick season is upon us. We have been working for trout with the fly rods. Not many rising fish lately. In part due to high water flows. It is not very energy efficient to eat off the top in a heavy hydraulic. Plus I have not seen nearly the number of hatching bugs in the last week. Still there are #20 BWOs hatching midday. They are more prolific on cloudy days versus bright sunny ones. The fish that have been sipping the tiny mayfly have been holding in slow pools. We have been dead drifting a #20 Baetis emerger over them with decent success. In addition, a heavily weighted #10 tungsten olive/black wolly bugger has drawn interest from some decent trout. Slowing down the presentation is important now with cooling water temps. On the lake run front, the salmon fishing has been decent. My guests have mostly been swinging streamers. Smaller more sparsely tied patterns. A #10 and #8 nine-three have been the most productive getting fish to eat. Nothing better than watching a silver bullet rise to eat a swung fly. I caution the nymph anglers who are salmon fishing. I have witnessed too many people lifting fish and particularly fish on spawning beds. No reason to lift your fly rod aggressively at the end of the drift. It is disheartening to me to see so called fly anglers acting unethically on spawning fish. If the state of VT Fish and Wildlife had any balls they wound close down the fishery when the fish are spawning. Well, the season ends for me on Halloween. I will guide to the end. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy