Hi Folks, The trout fishing over the last week has been steady. I have been guiding the Lamoille wading and floating my drift boat. Water temperatures cooled off to the low to mid sixties. The water temp. was 65 late afternoon on Thursday.  It seems like Deja Vu all over again for me. Last season and this season I had a very inconsistent May of fishing. June was great last year and June is off to a hot start this season.  The trout fishing is best early in the morning and late in the day currently. I have seen a fair amount of bug activity. Lots of egg laying by mayflies at dusk.  The fish have been rising in slow deep pools. Good casting and mending required. However, the other night twitching a big #10 March Brown Parachute resulted in big explosive strikes. A  #10-#14 Rusty spinners have worked well imitating spent March Brown mayflies and Grey Fox variant mayflies. There have been numbers of hatching #14/#16 Dorothea Sulphurss coming off late afternoon. The first of the Sulphurs to hatch and the largest bug in the family. A #16 light yellow Compara Dun has worked well imitating the mayfly as it hatches.  I have not seen an over abundance of caddis hatching though there are lots of caddis pupating on rocks in riffles. Mostly #14-#18 green bodied caddis and a few #16 tan bodied caddis. I have not been fishing a lot of nymph patterns. We have been swinging streamers. A #10 olive crystal chenille wooly bugger has been very effective. A small #10 muddler minnow used as a dropper off the bugger really makes the streamer rig super effective. We have swung this set-up from the boat and worked it aggressively. It is cool watching a trout come up from a deep pool and slam the fly. The current weather pattern looks good for fishing. I will be spending most of my time chasing trout in the big water until temps. Become too warm. I have not noticed much for angling pressure, perfect. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy