Hi Folks, The heat wave that will not go away. It is way too warm for this time of the year. The extreme summer heat coupled with very little rain has all but shut down the big water trout fishing. The:Lamoille was 73 degrees at 5:30am on Sunday. Ouch! Our waters alway warm every year but this is way too warm for June. Typically June is prime time for big water fly fishing. However, with the water over 70 degrees it is game over currently. I have been guiding daily and it is challenging at the moment. The small brooks I have walking are extremely low and the water temps. are 60 to 63 degrees. The temps. are okay but a little warm for fish like a Brook Trout that are a true char and really requires colder water than a rainbow or brown trout. The spook factor is full on in the small streams with the extremely low water levels.  Lots of spooky fish. Anglers moving too quickly and not thinking about their profile blows fish  out of feeding lanes and into cover. We have been catching Brook Trout on #12-#16 Royal Wulff patterns and #12-#14 green and orange bodied Stimulators. I have also been guiding river  smallmouth. The two bass streams I visited over the last week were 77 to 80 degrees. Even too warm for smallies. The top water bite has been slow. We are getting a few fish to eat off the top at dawn. When the sun rises the top water bite turns off. All of our action has been below the surface. Swinging, dead drifting, and working actively #6-#8 olive, black, and white wooly buggers with rubber legs, zonker patterns, bunny buggers have drawn interest. Still lots and lots of casting and changing flies has been required. Lake fishing should really turn on with the arrival of the giant Drakes beginning to show themselves.  It looks like a cool down is on the way. We really need rain!! Remember to clean your gear and keep the the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy