Hi Folks, It has been a solid August of fishing. Even with the low water and warm air temperatures, the smallmouth bass fishing and the small stream trout fishing has been very consistent. I guided the Lamoille yesterday for then first time in 2 months. The water was 61 degrees. We fished a section of pocket water that was holding some aggressive rainbows. With the recent hatches of #12 Isonychia we dead drifted a #12 Grizzly Wulff into pockets with good success. High stick mending with just the leader on the water. The wild brown trout fishing has been outstanding in the small brooks. I guided a stream that was 58 degrees the other morning and  we were greeted with wild browns rising to a #14 orange bodied stimulator. With the low water the stream definition quite good. Most of the bigger fish are holding in the primary pools. More water and cover available with the current levels. The spook factor has been full on and you really need to move cautiously up stream. No false casting over suspected holding spots! In the small streams the larger fish have been holding tight to cover. Big rocks in particular. Don’t under estimate the up stream side of a large boulder. Lots of #12-#14 green bodied hoppers still bounding about in our fields and the #14-#22 flying ants are buzzing about every afternoon. #18 Black Caddis have been coming off in the morning as well as tan bodied #18-#20 Micro caddis. Saw a ton #22 Trico spinners this morning. I have done a few spin trips this month with young anglers. Lots of dead drifting 3” and 4” Senkos in various shades and colors of green. Great way to learn how to drift in a river and catch fish.  Almost too simple. The soft plastics these days are darn near to fishing live bait. Close to a guarantee of catching a fish when presenting a Senko to a bass.  I am a lot more intrigued and fascinated by fly fishing and the entire process. Still I’m a firm believer that everyone should start with a spin rod prior to picking up a fly rod. I figure eventually all of my guests will be casting the long rods to rising fish. Of the 35 trips I will do for August, 29 are fly fishing. Way more interesting and challenging. Really nice cool down. Great for the fishing. We will moving into a phase now at this rate where the afternoon fishing will be best. It  has been dropping into the 40’s and low fifties at night. Perfect for trout fishing. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy