Hi Folks, Was a great July for Catamount Fishing Adventures. I appreciate everyone’s support. August is looking just as strong. This past July might be one of the hottest I can ever remember. The lack of rain did not help. Water levels are still low and water temps. have been well above seasonal average. Still I am finding cold water in small brooks and my guests are catching wild trout on dry flies. I see an awful lot of fly anglers fishing the Winooski and Lamoille even though the water temps. are well above 70 degrees. I think that if you pick up a fly rod you are making a statement. That statement being I am a steward of the water I fish, I accept catch and release, and support wild trout. When you fish in water well over 70 degrees for trout, you are putting them under severe distress. Even if they swim off after being released, chances are pretty good the fish are swimming to the bottom of the river to die. Lots of states, unlike Vermont, close trout streams that are too warm and make it illegal to fish over cold water inlets into warm rivers. Simply put, catching a trout in warm water is like you are running a marathon on the hottest summer day in high elevation and then running stairs at a football stadium. Chances are good you will die of heat stroke. So, leave the fish alone and figure out how to fly fish in small streams or chase bass. The brooks I visited  last week were 59, 61, and 63 degrees. The fishing was good as we have been catching all 3 species on #12/#14 Royal Trudes, Royal Wulff, #12 Green and Orange bodied Stimulators, #10-#14 Goddard caddis, and #12/#14 green foam Hoppers. Short accurate casts and drag free drifts. Lots of up stream and tight line mending. The bass fishing has been very consistent. Water temps. in the lower rivers have been really warm. Recorded temps up to 81 degrees. Surface temps in lakes have reached 75 to 78 degrees. First light and last night or fishing in total shade has been the ticket. With the warm water the smallmouth have moved into deeper cooler water. We are locating fish on sharp drop offs with over hanging trees. Letting the fly sit before twitching or popping has been important in inducing a strike. Especially since the bass are sometimes rising up from 15’ of water to eat your bass bug. Give them a chance to locate your fly. Strikes have  been a lot of slurping versus big crashes. Most of our success has been with #4-#8 black poppers and black foam crease flies. However, the good old #6/#8 frog popper has worked fairly well also. Looks like the incoming Tropical Storm will dump significant rain. We need the rain, just not all at once. Nice to feel some cooler air with less humidity. I am off to small steam fish. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy