Hi Folks, September is unquestionably my favorite month in Vermont. The feel to the air, cooling air temps. ( we have had two substantial frosts), and the progression of Foliage. The fishing only improves throughout the month. We have good water temperatures. Lamoille was 63 tonight, the Winooski was 64 yesterday, and a trib. was 57 degrees. The water is silly low. Never seen it so low. We are starving for rain. The trout fishing has been okay. Working for fish. Did see a decent #18/#20 BWO hatch tonight. Half a dozen steady risers. It was fun to see bugs come off and fish respond. A #18 BWO cripple and a #18 Compara Dun tricked the eddy eating fish. Still fishing lots of terrestrial patterns. Incredible year for hoppers. I’ve been seeing drowned #16 flying ants on the Winooski and Lamoille the last few days. A #10 Green Hopper has been very effective. Foam flying ants #14/#16 with a #18 peacock herl soft hackle dropper worked wonders on fussy Brown Trout in clear small water. A fair amount of caddis activity currently with the #14 Green Rock Worm pupating in riffles. The fishing is not easy. Lots of walking and covering water. The fish have been pretty demanding. Good mending is required. I am running my boat the next few days for pike and bass. Mixing it up. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy