Hi Folks, Funny how I was guiding on the boat two days a go and this morning there is almost 6” of snow on the ground. Poor man’s fertilizer is what we call spring snow. Any precipitation is welcomed as our rivers and lakes are low. The guiding season has started early this year though the return to winter slows things down. I spent a day chasing lake run rainbows. The river level was low and very clear. Water temperature was 42 degrees. We landed lots of big suckers but no trout. There was a decent hatch of #12/#14 Brown Stone flies. We drifted yellow and orange egg patterns as well as a #12 Spring Wiggler. Pursuing lake run fish can be frustrating. To have lots of success it is important to fish the river everyday. Conditions can change quickly and a pod of fish can move in and make the day. On the lake front we have been casting flies to northern pike from Grumman. The wind has been steady from the northwest and then the south west. Water temps. were 50 to 51 degrees over the weekend and 52 degrees on Tuesday. We have been making lots of casts with 9wt. and 8 wt. outfits. Sinking lines and floating lines have been both been used. Clouser minnow patterns have been the most effective. #4 to #6 Clousers in yellow/olive, red/white, and olive/white with some flash incorporated into the body have been our primary patterns. We have focused on weed bed edges, rocky shoreline that abuts weed beds and any downed wood on the shoreline. The best fish thus far was a post spawn hen pike that ate a Clouser. Nice time of the year to catch a big fish in skinny water. I am now fully vaccinated and ready to roam. I am heading to Montana Saturday for 8 days. I will resume my guiding operation upon my return. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy