Hi Folks, Finally we have come into prime time for trout fishing in our rivers. Water temperatures have varied with the weather. Prior to the recent cool down the Lamoille was 63 degrees and I was wet wading.Yesterday my client and I wore waders all day and the river temperature was 58 midday. Love the cold nights with warm days. We could use some rain. Lots of bug activity. There were a number of hatching #12 March Browns throughout the day yesterday with larger number of spinners towards dusk. #14/#16 caddis have been hatching mid morning especially on sunny days. I have found rising fish towards dusk. A #12 Hare’s Ear parachute and a #14 Rusty Spinner have been effective in getting eats. Most of the fish we are catching have been below the surface. Dead drifting #12 flashback pheasant tail with a #14 peacock soft hackle dropper have worked well below the surface. A #8 olive and black wooly bugger dead drifted and swung has been consistent. Soft hackles swung in riffles on tight into pools work really well when bugs are hatching and you are not quite sure what to fish. The trout fishing is very consistent right now. Let’s hope river levels stay up and water temperatures stay cool. I’m off to do it all over again. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy