Hi Folks, Been busy on the water guiding. I am really enjoying my new FlyCraft guide drift boat. I have been floating the Lamoille and Winooski. Heavy rain Monday night has dirtied up our rivers and raised the levels. They should be fine to fish by tomorrow. Water temperatures have risen into the mid sixties. Several warm days really spiked water temperatures. Happens every spring it seems. The trout fishing has been very good. Lots of hatching insects. Fishing has been best in the early morning and late day. Fishing midday under the sun is not very productive. It appears that our weather is a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. All of the hatches have taken place sooner than previous seasons. I have been fishing into dark and the #16-#18Sulphur hatches have been outstanding. Fish have been rising all over the river. It is really important to place the cast and the drift on a single rising fish. The fly needs to be landed in their feeding lane. The early morning has been almost as good. Morning hatches have consisted of Sulpher spinners, egg laying caddis, and hatching caddis. We have been nymphing in between rising fish. A #16 copper John with a #14-#16 peacock soft hackle have been consistent. #6-#8 Black, Olive, and Brown wooly buggers dead drifted on the bottom have been consistent. It is a fine time to be trout fishing in Vermont. I have not been bass fishing. Losing my interest in fishing for spawning bass. I’ll wait until the water warms and the trout fishing slows. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy