Hi Folks, Great June for Catamount Fishing Adventures. A record for the number  of trips guided. Thank you to everyone who we fished with! I have really been mixing it up lately. With the extreme heat, I have been on the water early morning. Small stream fishing has been pretty good. Catching some nice native Brook trout and wild brown trout. I have been working two different brooks where water temperatures have been 60 degrees and 61 degrees. Water is really low and the fish are spooky. I have noticed the trout are holding tight to cover in the low water conditions. With have had fish eat #12 yellow foam terrestrial patterns, #10 red bodied beetle, a #12 Rubber legged Royal Trude, and a #14/#16 Royal Wulff. Short accurate casts required with good drifts. On the warm water front, the bass fishing has been terrific. Catching lots of smallmouth and few other species thrown in the mix. Surface temps. in the lakes I have guided have ranged from 71 to 75 degrees. The wind has been a factor blowing daily. We have located fish on sharp drop offs adjacent to weed beds and hard bottom. Throw a downed tree in the mix, perfect! We had a huge smallmouth hammer a frog popper yesterday right in the crux of a downed tree. I always like trying to catch bass on the surface. If the top water is not going on, spin anglers have had good success working 4” Baby Bass Senkos. Matter of fact the Senko has caught largemouth, smallmouth, pike, chain pickerel, perch, rock bass, and even walleye. Fish the rubber slow and pay attention to your line. June was a decent fishing month. We still need lots of rain. Lake levels and river levels are low. Fortunately we have a cold front that just pushed in and will cool,things down and being some rain. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy