Hi Folks, Concluding a strong month on the water. June is a fun month as a variety of species are readily available to anglers. Easily, my favorite month to fish trout in our rivers. The trout fishing has been pretty consistent. Water temperatures on the Lamoille and Winooski are now becoming too warm to trout fish. We need to have nights of 50’s air temps. in order to cool off the big rivers. Then they can fish okay early in the morning. This is normal for this time of the year. Carry a thermometer.Don’t fish trout in 70 degree plus water. I start guiding a lot more small streams and brooks now. They maintain temperature and hold decent populations of wild trout. June is the month for lots of bug activity, for Vermont at least. Caddis have dominated the scene. Finding tons of #18/20 micro caddis on riparian vegetation. All light tan bodied with very light colored wings. #16/#18 olive caddis are still a good bet under an indicator or as a dropper fly off a larger dry fly. I have found trout feeding on #18/#20 Sulphurs and Baetis. A crippled #18 dun has been great on selective fish. A #18 Adams parachute and a #18 Sulphur compara dun have caught trout as well. I saw a few #14 Cahills the other night. A few trout where eating the duns as they emerged. Nymphing with a #10 black stonefly has the been very effective as well as a #12 tungsten red thread prince nymph. I like 10” droppers off the larger nymphs. #18 tan and olive caddis, #18 Sulphur nymphs, #16/#18 soft hackles for droppers. Small stream trout fishing I like larger dry fly patterns. #12 Royal Wulff, #10-#14 rubber legged Royal Trudes, #12/#14 Goddard Caddis, and #10-#16 Stimulators in orange, green, and with Royal bodies. The Hex hatch has begun as well as the preceding #10 Brown Drakes and #8 Green Drakes on northeast kingdom lakes. On the warm water front, the bass fishing has been okay. I like caching bass on the surface. We are just coming into that time on the fishing calendar. June was a cool month. Lake surface temperatures remained in the sixties. I find that smallmouth bass seem much more agreeable to eating surface presentations once the water eclipses 70:degrees. Most of our bass action has been below the surface. Brightly colored flies and lures in fire tiger have been consistent. The fish have been holding in less than 10’ of water. We have been targeting cover and structure. The fish have been holding tight to it. A fun thing about June in lakes is how often you encounter northern pike and bass in similar niches. Big fish in shallow water. June was good for fishing and business. Let’s see what July brings. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. have Fun, Willy