Hi Folks, Summer is still in full force here in Vermont. It has been a lovely summer weather wise. A little too dry but the air temperatures have been great! This last week and next few days are really the only hot muggy weather we have had to suffer through. The water temperatures have been consistent for this time of the year. The Winooski and Lamoille are too warm for trout fishing. However, many of their tributary streams and brooks have been fishing very well for my clients. I have found small stream temperatures between 59 degrees and 63 degrees. The bass lakes I am guiding have surface temps. between 71 and 76 degrees. The small stream trout fishing for native Brook trout and wild rainbows and browns has been solid. With the low water, accuracy has been demanded. Good accurate casts and perfect drifts. We had Brook Trout and wild Brown Trout smashing a #12 Rubber legged Royal Trude. #12/#14 Stimulators in orange and green bodies, a #12 Royal Wulff, and a #14 Humpy in red and green have also produced. Small streaming with the low water involves lots of walking. For hatching insects, the #20-#24 Trico hatch has begun. In addition, I have seen large #10 Epherons at dusk that the smallmouth slurp in the lower sections of the big rivers. Lots of #18/#20 micro caddis in tan/yellow bodies as well as small #20 Sulphurs at dusk and #20 Baetis. Tons of terrestrial available to feeding  fish these days. #12/#14 green bodied hoppers, #12-#18 beetles, and #16-#18 black ants. I have been guiding some family fishing trips for bass and panfish. Using spin gear we have had great success landing some nice fish. Dead drifted 3” and 4” Senkos in crawfish pattern and baby bass have been very consistent. I love getting young anglers stoked about fishing. My family trips are a step  above standing on a bank and drowning worms on the bottom and using bobbers. We actively cast and fish using artificial baits while we walk around a river. The topwater fishing with the fly has been decent. The best time of day has been dusk. I have found the morning surface bite to be limiting. We have had good success with #6 frog pattern, #4 chartreuse gurglers, and #6/#8 black popping bugs.  Casting to be downed wood over a hard bottom with a sharp drop off has been produced responses from smallmouth. Patience on the presentation and good pops from the bug are the ticket. Lots of summer options. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non- native species at home.Have Fun, Willy