Hi Folks, Ice fishing season is upon us. I have begun my guiding season on the hard water. The lake we visited yesterday had 5” of black ice covered by a good 10” of snow. I am comfortable walking on 4” of ice. I love snow for winter and winter activities. However, the blanket of snow does insulate the ice and slow down the freezing process.
To begin the season, I will be pursuing northern pike, walleye, and yellow perch. As my inventory of lakes increase with more ice formation, we will then chase trout as well. Typically I can’t ice fish trout until the middle of January. All depends on Mother Nature. I have all the gear, gadgets, and gizmos for ice fishing including a heated shanty. Experience is not necessary to fish with me. Everything I do is educational and I am in the fun business. Good winter boots are needed for ice fishing as well as High boots that are warm and keep your feet dry. Sunglasses or goggles are a good idea for the glare on sunny days. You want to dress in layers. Ski/snowboarding clothing is fine. I am looking forward to the hard water season. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy