Hi Folks, The river fishing is dynamite right now! Water temperatures are high fifties in the Lamoille watershed. Water levels are low. We need some steady rain. Even with the showers last night, everything is pretty dry. Our rivers are stocked and the hatchery fish are particularly greedy. The rising activity the last couple of days has been consistent. Nice hatches. The only conundrum is the damn wind. I have never seen it blow so hard for so many days. It has been a very windy May. The bugs still hatch, yet they launch off the water pretty quickly. We have had trout eat dead drifted presentations even twitchThere has been a multitude of insects. Several different caddis hatching and egg laying.#14/#16 Grannoms, #14 Candy Apple Green caddis, and a #12 tan bodied caddis with mottled wing. I found the fish eating mayflies. A few remnant #14/#16 Hendrickson duns as well as #14 spinners. There are some egg laying activity by a #12/#14 Stone fly towards dusk. We have been casting a #14 Ausable Wulff and a #14 Pheasant Tail parachute to rising fish. We have not drifted many nymphs lately. Fine by me, I like catching fish on dry fly patterns. However, a #12-#16 caddis pattern in dark grey or green, a #12-#16 Pheasant Tail and flash back Pheasant Tail, a #14 peacock soft hackle, a #8-#12 black or olive wooly bugger, a #12-#14 Dave’s Red Fox nymph, or a #12-#14 Hare and Copper will all produce fish. My clients and I have been fishing late afternoon. Most of the bug activity is taking place late day. Great time to be on the water! Remember to clean you gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy