Hi Folks, I have had a strong August of guiding. Mixing up the fishing between small water trout streams to lake and pond fishing for smallmouth and northern pike. We have expereinced a nice cool summer. The first time in awhile that I can remember no issues with way too warm of water temperatures in July and August. The brooks I have been walking have ranged from 56 to 61 degrees. Water levels and volume have been above seasonal average. It has been nice fishing conditions. Lots of rain, but as long as the water is clear, the fish have been eating dry flies. #14-#22 Flying Ants showed up 10 days  ago and that is always a game changer. It really gets the fish looking up. We have been a fishing a #16 Atomic ant with great success.Lots of grasshoppers in fields. A #12/#14 green or tan GFA (general foam attractor) has been a fine imitator of a grasshopper.For attractor patterns, a #12 Royal Wulff, #10 Royal Chubbies and Purple Chubbies, and the #12 Rubber legged Royal Trude have been catching fish.All up stream presentations with lots of high sticking mending. With the higher water levels, the trout have been in the softer water adjacent to the heavier currents. The trick to get the fish to elevate is make text book dead drifts.If the dry fly drags, there will be no love from the fish. I finally got back on the big water for some river smallmouth fly fishing. A great #12 Epheron hatch last night had the smallmouth eating off the top. We caught numerous bass off the top with a #6 white/black Boogle Bug. On the still water front, the smallmouth and pike fishing has been good. With all of the rain the water, the lake levels are up. I’m locating fish in fairly skinny water. The bass have been holding in along weed beds that are growing up in hard bottom areas. In particular, the fish have been in and around shield weed. Poppers presented to the edges have solicited some violent takes.We have been casting #4 block head poppers in black/red, chartreuse/red, and white/ red. Frog pattern poppers have been very consistent. Water temperatures in the various lakes and ponds I have visited, have ranged from 68 degrees to 73 degrees on the surface. It appears that a return to summer is on the horizon. Looks like after today we are in for an extended dry period. Nice set up for September fishing. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy