Hi Folks, Sometimes good things come from terrible situations. The rainy summer and flooding has caused many significant issues for communities throughout Vermont. Yet, the volume of water and flows have created a terrific scenario for very productive small stream fly fishing. Small, high elevation brooks come up quickly during heavy rain and also drop extremely fast. They might dirty quickly yet the clear just as quickly. The reason for this is Stability. Good buffer zones and little human impact. Dense woods, little agriculture, and no development allows these magical places in Vermont to exist. Water temperatures have been excellent. Temperatures have ranged from 55 degrees to 61 degrees. Our big rivers are still high and dirty. In my experience, high water tends to make larger trout more comfortable feeding. Less spook factor. I think the fish feel more comfortable in their environment and less wary about predation. Plus, high water tends to create more feeding opportunities with lots of goodies being flushed down stream. My clients have done very well catching nice native Brook Trout, wild browns, and wild bows in the small water since the July flood. Trout are energy efficient creatures. They do not want to work any harder they have to in order to eat. We have focused our efforts, casting into the soft water adjacent to heavy water. Soft seam lines, eddy areas, big boulders, and wood. Pretty much all dry fly fishing. Not that we see rising fish, but more so casting to habitat that should hold a trout. Drag free drifts are critical. Good mending required.  Dry fly patterns have #10/#12 Royal Rubber Legged Trudes, #12 Royal Wulff, #12 Royal and Green Chubbies, #12/#14 Hopper patterns, and #14 Stimulators are all effective. In some larger plunge pools, I do like to cast a heavily weighted streamers up into the plunge and rip threw back through the hole.Nice violent strikes typically. Streamers like #10 wooly bugger in black and olive or a #8 Whitlock Sculpin are effective. If you like walking, wading, and fishing in quiet areas, the small stream fly fishing is fantastic. Remember to clean your gear and keep the  non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy