Hi Folks, September if off to a fine start. The fishing has been very steady. Last week’s hot streak has kept water temperatures up in our lakes. The lake I guided yesterday was 70 degrees on the surface. Nice temperature for surface fishing for smallmouth. I have found as the water cools off the the top water bite will slow. Streamers will catch bass, but top water fishing is way more interesting and enjoyable. We have been catching bass in fairly skinny water. Less than 5’ of water and on the edges of shield weed and wood. The popping bugs we have been casting have varied. A #6 chartreuse Boogle Bug has been the most consistent surface fly. Other patterns have been #4 Block Heads in red/white and chartreuse/red. Any frog style surface fly has been fairly consistent. The trout fishing has been pretty decent. #14-#22 flying ant hatches have been got the fish looking up. A #16 Atomic Ant has produced a number of fish, including a morning where rainbows, browns, and brook trout all ate the ant fly in the same hole. Water temperatures have ranged from 57 to 67 degrees. The water warmed up a bit during the hot spell at the beginning of the month. Still fairly wet in Vermont. The higher water levels have helped to keep water temperatures suppressed. Plus I think the larger fish are more comfortable feeding in higher water levels. The smaller brooks and steams have maintained their temperature while the larger rivers have warmed a bit. We have been nymph fishing a bit with success. A #10 double tunghead black stone fly under an indicator has been effective in searching out trout in primary pools. #12 Green bodied Chubbies with a #16  Copper John nymph or a #18 tan caddis pupa as a dropper has worked well. Hatches have been fairly sparse with the exception of the flying ants. I’m seeing a few #20 BWOs and #16 caddis, but not in significant numbers. The trout fishing should only get better as things cool off. I love late September and October fly fishing for trout. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy