Hi Folks, I can’t remember a more productive September in 28 years of guiding for trout in Vermont. The stream fishing for wild trout has been spectacular. The high water levels have really benefitted our fish. Plus water temperatures have remained cool. Very different than the last 3 years of drought and extreme heat. No stress for the fish in dealing with unusually warm water temperatures. The stream I guided yesterday afternoon was 57 degrees. I have found water temperatures over the last 3 weeks have ranged from 55 degrees to 62 degrees. Most of my trips have been on tributary streams and brooks of the Lamoille and Winooski. These streams are where the highest density of wild trout and native Brook Trout reside. Honestly, since the flood in July, I have not seen any stocked trout. Not so sure that stockers are equipped to handle extreme weather events.  I have guided the Lamoille a couple of times over the last 10 days. The carnage from the flood is eye popping. There is debris strewn several hundred yards away from the river bank into farm fields. I was pleasantly surprised to locate some wild brown trout and wild rainbows. Decent hatches of #20-#22 BWOs, #14 caddis hatching in the morning and egg laying at dusk as well as a few #12 Isonychia. Terrestrials have been abundant. #12/#14 green bodied grasshoppers have been everywhere. I’m still seeing random #14-#22 flying ants. My clients have been casting a #16 Atomic Ant with great success. This fly pattern has been a fish magnet! I have done very little nymph fishing in the last month. All dry fly fishing. Fishing the surface in small brooks and streams is particularly effective. Vermont is not a hatch friendly place. We grow rocks well.Our streams are infertile and do not promote an over abundance of macro invertebrates. Not a ton of hatches, yet the fish still need to eat. We blind fish dry fly patterns into suspected holding areas. Some other patterns we have been fishing have been a #12 Irrestible, #14 green and tan GFA, #14 Royal Chubby, #12 Royal Rubber legged Trude, #16 Goddard caddis, and a #12-#16 parachute Adams. The foliage has been getting brighter by the day. The water levels and temperatures are great. Just another month left of trout fishing. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy