Hi Folks, It has been a whirlwind tour smallmouth fishing this last week. The bass fishing is excellent currently. Whether I have guided a lake, pond, or river, we are hammering the bass. I have mixed it up with fly and spin gear. It has been warm and muggy and the trout fishing has not been good. Some small stream options, but the water as a whole has been too warm. However, water temperatures between 72 and 78 degrees has been just fine for chasing smallies. Yesterday I had a group of 4 spin anglers land well over 50 fish. The today before I had 2 anglers land 26 smallmouth on spin gear. The previous day we 14 smallmouth eat a surface fly. Very consistent. In the river fishing, we have found fish everywhere you would think a fish is holding. The larger bass have been in big primary pools that are full of rock and boulders. In the still water, we have found fish holding on Lilly pad edges that are adjacent to deeper water. Any rock point that combines Lilly pads and weed has been solid. Surface fishing with the fly has been good. Lots of aggressive strikes on a #6 Frugal Frog, #8 chartreuse popping bug, #6-#8 Foam Ticklers and crease flies. Letting the fly sit when it lands and really setting the hook after the take is important. Let the bass eat the fly! Count to 1 or feel the fish before the strike. We have been fishing 12lb to 16lb tippets so you can really hammer the bass on the take. The smallmouth have been coming out of the water to take surface presentation. On the spin front, rubber has been the way. Senkos just catch fish. Almost like fishing live bait. 3” to 4” Senkos in green and crawfish have worked really well. Dead drifting the worms is the most productive. The fish are so aggressive we have them eating the rubber on the drop after being cast. Not as glamorous as a casting a fly, yet if you just want to tug on fish, it is really effective. I am off to bass fish this afternoon. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy