Hi Folks, Can’t wait for the muggy weather to go away. It is nice to see more water in our streams. Still northern Vermont seems to be above the rain line as most of the heavier precipitation has been south of us. Water temperatures are still fairly warm. I was able to guide the main stem Winooski the other morning and the water was 65 degrees. The lakes I have been chasing smallmouth on have ranged from 73 to 77 degrees on the surface. Last weekend I ventured north for some smallmouth the action and the river was 80 degrees and incredibly low. The brooks I guided the last couple of days ranged from 62 to 67 degrees. Walking in fields these days and along rivers the number of hoppers is crazy. I have been tying a #10/#12 GFA Hopper in green. It has been effective in getting fish to come to the surface. In addition, I have been seeing good numbers of #14-#22 flying ants late afternoon. The females are larger and the males are smaller. Depending on the day, the fish will consume every ant the falls on the water or they can be quite fussy and only eat either the male or female. A nice selection of ants is necessary. I like a sparkle ant and a foam flying ant in black and amber brown. You can’t go wrong currently blind fishing hoppers and ants to suspected holding areas. Still plenty of micro caddis around. A #18 tan wire caddis has worked well as a dropper nymph and a #18 tan Slaughter caddis pupa. I am starting to see some a #12 Isonychia emerge during the day and finding a few shucks on rocks. A #12 Grey Wulff, a #12 Adams parachute are fine adult imitations. I like a #12 Zug Bug, #12 Prince Nymph, and a #12 flashback pheasant tail are great nymph imitations for the Isonychia. On the bass front, the fishing has been very good. In particular the top water bite has been consistent. I am still seeing a few #6 Hex’s hatch at dusk and earlier in the week we had bass gulping the giant mayfly. My guests have been casting a lot foam patterns lately in chartreuse, black, and green. #4-#8 Crease flies and Gurglers have been very effective. Especially river fishing for smallmouth. Working the fly somewhat aggressively has resulted in some explosive strikes. All of the bass have been holding near rock and in low water right tight to big boulders. The days are getting shorter. I long for some cooler weather. Off to chase Brookies. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy