Hi Folks, The trout fishing has been awfully good. June is prime time in Vermont to catch river trout with a fly rod. June is a time for abundant hatches and the water temperatures are typically ideal. The fishing has been best early morning and late day. Midday fishing is not extremely productive due to light levels. We do need more steady rain. It has been very dry for several weeks. July and August river fishing could be extremely challenging if we don’t receive some much needed rain. For hatches, #14-#18 Sulphers have been steady at dusk. We have located rising fish in large pools fed by gentle riffles. #16/#18 parachute Sulphers, #16 Rusty spinners, and #16/#18 Compara Duns have all caught fish. In the morning. Caddis have been the “Soup du Jour.”  Mid morning caddis hatches have been consistent. We have taken fish nymphing and with dry dropper rigs. A #16 olive caddis pupa under a #16 Pheasant tail swung has worked well. With rising fish we have cast a #16 x-caddis with a #16 peacock soft hackle dropper. Lots of feeding in the surface film. You can see the rainbows dorsal fin and tail break the surface when they are rising. A sure sign that the fish are eating just below the surface. At dusk #10/#12 Brown Drakes are showing themselves. A very short lived hatch that brings some big boys to the surface at dark. Lots of going on in our rivers currently. A great time to enjoy trout fishing prior to the summer heat. I am still offering spin trips for those who do not care to fly fish.  We can wade or boat fish with spin gear. Spin trips are fun family outings and a great learning experience. Remember to clean your gear and keep the non-native species at home. Have Fun, Willy